Dahlias is based on a photo that I took one summers evening in January 2009. I felt like a bit of pink in my life and thought it would make the perfect gift for my mum.

I chose apricot Canson paper to work on - which made a nice change as I had previously only used mid-grey and dark brown paper.

My parents have peachy/apricot walls so I thought this would be a way to harmonise the drawing with where it would hang. I think it also helped to bring out the orange and reds in the flowers.

I began drafting the flowers in March 2009 by drawing a grid on the paper and marking the positions of the petals and leaves using white and yellow conte. I didn’t quite realise how many petals there were until I tried to draw them! I worked on Dahlias part-time and finished early December 2009.


My art group had an exhibition in August 2009 for SALA week called ‘Beyond Comfort Zones’. I hadn’t finished Dahlias but wanted to be a part of the event. My work was put in a corner and labelled work in progress. I had a few nice comments and was asked - “What more is there to do?”. Well, as you can see, plenty!

I took a few photos during the creation of Dahlias (not like the several hundred that I took for the Happy the Lily project) and thought I’d share them with you.

A professional digital photo was taken of Dahlias before it was framed so now I can get prints made. If you’re interested let me know via swvproject at me.com.